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Recommit to your goals....daily!

Consistency is crucial for success.

It requires dedication, willppower and action and is the key to building long-lasting, sustainable habits.

It is a recommitment to our goals each and every day.

As a coach, my biggest desire for you is to see the effectiveness of consistency on your progress. Below is a list of weird and wonderful ways you can show consistency every day!

  • Top off your macros daily by nailing a shake, a single egg white or whatever it takes to ensure you hit those targets

  • Choose quality food that supports and fuels your goals/workouts/lifestyle

  • Stick to the plan, even on vacation and when times get busy

  • Keep tracking the right way and don’t get lazy

  • Practice awareness when preparing your meals and pay attention to portion sizes

  • Hit the gym even when you don’t feel motivated

  • Know your needs over wants and commit to making food choices that may not be the most savory, yet are the most necessary

  • Remain honest with yourself about your effort and adherence

  • Strive for improvement never perfection. If we focus on getting 1% better everyday, imagine where we will end up?

And last but not least, be relentless in the pursuit of consistency because SMALL things turn into BIG things over time.

Stay consistent, stay focused, stay balanced!

Coach Kayla


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