LIFT + Sweat 

It’s the best of both worlds! This class is now a DUO-  combining both weightlifting and conditioning programs into one class time! Athletes have their choice to follow a strength base program or a cardio based program. 


The strength base program will incorporate olympic weightlifting during in season cycles but also powerlifting, hypertrophy phases, etc. 

NOTE: Enzo Weightlifting Team (L1/L2) will train together in this class at 5:30pm. 


The cardio based program will have more emphasis on increasing metabolic demand and energy usage. Cycles may include HIIT, plyometrics, higher rep schemes with lower weights, and more.

Group Metcon

**adults only. Those who sweat together, stay together! Isn’t that what they say?

This higher intensity class is for those that love the grind in a group setting. Metcon (short for metabolic conditioning) will exert your cardiovascular system and get your heart rate up.. Not only will you burn a ton of calories in this class but you will rev up your metabolism to continue burning fat for hours after you workout. 

Youth Athletic Development

This program allows athletes in 5th grade to 8th grade to start developing proper movement patterns that are required of sports and in the weight room. Always starting with a solid understanding of what unloaded movements should look and feel like before adding additional load. One of our main goals in this program is to introduce a fun environment for kids to start their training. “Play” is the main theme in this class, we want kids to explore movements in as many ways as possible. 

Advanced Sports Performance 

**high school and college age. The goal of our program is to build well rounded athletes that are resilient in the weight room and on the field/ court. By combining training, nutrition, biomechanics, and more we can ensure optimal performance for pre-season, in season and off season athletes of ANY sport.   Athletes will complete a series of evaluations to determine which one of the 4 different programs within this class best fits their needs. 

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