Strength & Conditioning

Our Strength and Conditioning classes focus on developing strength, which is the foundation of all physical abilities with a core conditioning program. Our S&C class puts you through our constant evolving 6, 8 or 12 week cycles. Our workouts change every day but our cycles are not randomized week to week. They are planned with a goal and a purpose in mind. If you are looking to trim down or tone up this is a great group setting

Olympic Weightlifting

Join our Olympic Weightlifting team (youth to masters) to train year round for competition in the snatch and clean and jerk. This class is designed for all levels of lifters, beginner to advanced! Whether you want to learn the technique, prepare for a competition or just work on the skills….this class is for you.

Advanced Sports Performance

Calling ALL highly skilled athletes ready to accelerate their sports performance training! Being strong isn’t enough anymore. Our Advanced Sports Performance program will get you ready to perform at your highest level.  Strength, speed that kills, and REAL agility that will carry over to your sport is the core of our program. Training is progressive and scheduled in a manner as to produce the optimal results over time with minimal risk of injury. Through coaching and direction, the athlete naturally gains self-confidence by experiencing the results of their hard work, determination, and commitment . 

Youth Athletic Development


Building a castle on a sand foundation will lead to nothing but problems long term. The same goes for your young athlete! 

Our Youth Athletic Development program will ensure that your athlete will build up a solid base of speed, jump, and strength technique that must be developed before introducing higher intensity movements. 

No short term promised results here, only long term development in mind but that doesn't mean that your child wont immediately reap the benefits of learning proper movement patterns in a competitive environment . 

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