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Add Vs. Subtract Mentality

If you’re in a diet mentality, each day feels like a new battle to avoid bad foods. When thinking about eating better, ADD the good don’t stress about SUBTRACTing the bad so much.

Instead of avoiding or subtracting all of your favorite junk foods and desserts, simply ADD so much healthy stuff (water, lean protein, fresh fruits, vegetables) that there is less room or desire for food that doesn’t support your goals.

Look for what you gain rather than what you lose- Muscle. Strength. Confidence. Energy.


Grab a piece of paper and list 5 proteins that you had for a really long time that you REALLY LIKE - anything!

OK, great. Now, list 5 fruits or veggies that you haven't had for awhile that you REALLY LIKE.

BOOM- We just wrote down 10 foods that you like that can add some variety to your next week's meal plan.


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