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Stop Exercising. Start Training.

Crossfit Wheels


Explore a variety of workout programs that suit whatever fitness goal you're looking to achieve. Programs start as young as 5th grade and go up to any age and skill level. 

Amy Rookstool

"I am so thankful that I took the leap and joined Enzo a year ago! It was so out of my comfort zone but every person that I've met has been so welcoming and just amazing to be around."


By God's will, we serve and empower athletes to achieve the highest standards for themselves; in the weight room, on the court/field, and in life. 

“I’ve been a member of ENZO for three years, over that time I’ve come to learn the power of persistence. Showing up every morning and putting in the work has completely transformed my life. Physically I look completely different, going from wearing XL shirts and a 38 inch waist to medium shirts and a 32 inch waist, and mentally, I am in an entirely better place.


Starting everyday with a challenging workout elevates my mood and energy levels the rest of the day and that allows me to handle stress and anxiety better than I ever thought possible, which has lead me to be a better a father, a better employer, and just an overall nicer human being. All that benefit gained just by showing up one day at time, that’s the power of persistence.”

- Adam Otte


“Throughout my life, going to a gym had always been a hard concept for me. Mainly due to the fact I had always been a “bigger girl” who felt as if she would be judged while trying to workout. But I never felt that at ENZO. Immediately, I could see a community made up of a mix of personalities, body types, and goals. Once I allowed myself to become completely immersed in this community of people, I could feel something different form within me. My life became one of determination, perseverance, and most importantly: consistency.

Every step I took, no matter how small, was a step towards my goals. I started to wake up everyday excited for my morning workout and to see my gym family. This experience has been more than just losing weight or getting into shape, it has been a complete life change for me and has affected me in different areas of my life: my nutrition, my strength and mobility, my work, and my relationships with others. But most importantly it has changed the way I view myself. Instead of finding worth in a scale or clothing size, I can now focus on what my body can do, what my mind can conceive, and where my passions lie.” 


- Maggie Jackson


Be a Servant Leader - find ways to serve those around you and invest your time in relationships.


Never Be Outworked - Show up on time, every day, and never let the person next to you work harder.


Don’t Be a Jerk - Always have a positive attitude, help the person next to you.



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